Our purchase order financing options provide an attractive solution for businesses that:

  • Have rapid sales growth that outpaces working capital or bank lines.
  • Have difficulty meeting critical working capital needs, such as payroll, capital expenditures, etc
  • The business which should have Operate under delivery time constraints.
  • Work with suppliers requiring credit assurances, including payment on shipment or letters of credit.
  • Have seasonal peaks in product demand pressuring cash flow.
  • Hold relatively fast turning, non-cancellable purchase orders from creditworthy customers.

Purchase Order Financing And Loans

Purchase order financing can provide capital to pay your suppliers upfront, allowing you to maintain your cash reserves. It is a short term commercial finance option and designed for growing businesses with little access to working capital. Our program is designed for small and medium sized businesses.

We can offer advance rates up to 100% of the purchase order cost. Like factoring, the approval decision is determined by the credit of the client’s customer, not the client. When businesses receive orders but do not have the capital to fund the production and delivery of goods, they require a specific cash flow solution.